Where To Go? PRO - Find Points of Interest using GPS. App Reviews

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Once you get the hang of it, great app!


Very good and friendly....amazing

Programm crashes

Sadly this programm crashes very often so I am not able to Test it properly. Please release an updated version. I am using the iPhone version and I like it.


Findet so gut wie alles, man muss leider sehr genau auswählen da man von der Menge an Auswahlmöglichkeiten erschlagen wird. Finds nearly everything. Unfortunately you have to be very specific because of the load of options.

Useless app

I can not set my home area It is no possible to find points of interest in, for example, China or Germany. Almost every search directs to some place in the US, though I am actually ten thousand miles away from it. Useless APP for me.

Version 2.3

Sept 09; - crashes following when one starts a 2nd search

Its a good idea but very weak

Starts off strong but has a weak finish. Has frozen on many occasion and gives back some crazy results while on my trip. Search tourist attractions and you get trucking companies on the listing. Search cinemas and I got hotel listings. Too bad as it is a great idea for those on the go who need to find pois. I like the idea better than my garmin nuvi for searching and seeing the pin locations but is no go with a faulty database. would give 5 stars if that was fixed

Bad quality, crashes

Never worked. Crashes.


Crashes all the time. Dont waist your money. Came highly recommend from global tv news. How disappointing, If there was an option to give a negative I would have. I can surely tell where this product needs to go......

Terrible App

Kept crashing and interface is ext rely user unfriendly. Save your money and stay away from this one.

Not very useful

Well I am heading to Panama, in a couple of weeks so I figured this might come in handy for our trip for restuaruants sight seeing etc. However, I wish I hadnt bought it. You have to choose a restaurant style of dining, instead of just whats nearby, you cant layer items on the map, and I dont find it to be very easy to navigate, plus while it may use Google it doesnt recognize areas like Google does. So it cost me a cup of coffee, and one app I will be removing from my Ipad.

My app

It keeps crashing, otherwise it is a good app


Based on Google Ads really crap software expensive too

No working

It is crashing all the times. No way to make it works. Waiting upgrade

Where to go app

This app is horrible. Waste of money. Gave the company a chance to respond to my comments. No one got back to me. I plugged in sites well known to me and found that none even came up, choices were limited, and I was taken too far from where I wanted to be. I do better with google which is free. Whoever created this app is a thief by ripping people off with BS info.

Where To Go PRO?

Complete waste of $2.99. New iPad (3), iOS 6, will not even open. The screen pops up shows the compass then disappears. AVOID, until fixed.

Great app when it starts

Great app, I miss using it. Please fix I am trying to be patient.

Wont start

That says it all

Dont waste your $$$$$$

Just bought this app and it crashes every time I try to use it !!!!

Not very useful

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